The grip width is used to insure competitors grasps the barbell and pull up bar at the same angle in proption to their body size. This minimizes the advantages of height.

Finding your elbow with: The distance from the tips of the elbows when the upper arms are raised to shoulder height and the forearms are perpendicular to the ground (biceps pose).

Elbow width being measured.

Take your elbow width in inches and multiply by 83%. Example: Elbow width is 34 inches. 34 x .83 = 28.22. Your grip width = 28 inches.

*Note: If fraction is .5 or greater, round up to the next whole inch. If fraction is less than 5. round down to the next whole inch.

Grip width for bench press, pull up and shoulder press is the distance between the thumbs when grasping the bar. Your thumbs cannot be any closer than this distance.

Grip Width Table

Elbow Width (inches) Grip Width (inches)   Elbow Width (inches) Grip Width (inches)   Elbow Width (inches) Grip Width (inches)
30 25   36 30   42 35
31 26   37 31   43 36
32 27   38 32   44 37
33 27   39 32   45 38
34 28   40 33      
35 29   41 34      

In addition, you'll be weighed to determine what weights you'll be using.


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