The STREND Factor is determined by adding the repetitions performed correctly for the five upper body disciplines and dividing that total by the run time. The greater the STREND Factor, the better your score.

Example to determine your STREND Factor:

You performed a total of 80 correct repetitions for the upper body disciplines and completed the 3 miles in 21 minutes and 30 seconds. What is your STREND factor?

  1. STREND Factor = reps divided by run time ((convert seconds into 10ths of a minute).
  2. STREND Factor = 80 (total reps) divided by 21.5 (3 mile run time)
  3. STREND Factor = 3.7209

Competitors will receive a score card shortly after the competition that show their reps for each discipline, 3 run time, and STREND Factor.

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STREND Fitness Challenge